Clean Air System

Bringing residential air quality to the next level


Let’s Clear The Air

Finally, a hospital grade UV germicidal air purifier for your home. Our UV systems duplicate the power of the sun to kill germs and remove odors.

  • Germicidal UV is the trusted method used in hospitals
  • Powerful UVC germicidal lamp sterilizes viruses, bacteria and mold
  • Keeps coils clean of biological growth
  • Oxidizing module controls odors by oxidizing gases and toxins
  • Three times more powerful than average competitors products

Hospital Grade UV Germicidal Air Purifier

Environmental Protection Agency

“As a result of today’s energy efficient, tight or closed building construction, the air in our homes and workplace is always 2-5 times more polluted than the worst exterior air.”

University of California - Berkeley Wellness Letter


“Old methods used to clean inside air simply don’t work”

“Only 10% of homes in the USA have an efficient air cleaning system.”